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Clemens H. W. Janssen

Academic Program: 
Family Studies and Human Development
Burghausen (Germany)

My research interests are in nutrition / eating habits and in depression. In terms of nutrition, I am very interested in adaptations to different diets in different cultures and also throughout the life span from the nutritional needs of a new born to older adults. More specifically, I am very interested in the effects of nutrition on health from a cultural and adaptational perspective.

My interest in depression and mood is focused on the activation of unconsciuos pathways to alter mood as well as understanding depression from a family systems perspective. The effect of temperature changes on the human skin / body and the effect of touch and closeness on the multiple signaling pathways of the nervous or the immune system are of great interest to me. I was able to gain a deeper insight into the topic of skin to skin contact through a study called "Hugging Study" and my master thesis "Effects of warm partner contact". 

I am currently working with Dr. Charles Raison and studying the effects of temperature interventions on mood, more specifically the effect of Whole-Body-Hyperthermia on Depression. I am also Co-PI on a pilot study about the effects of unilateral massage on the brain, as part of my minor work in Psychophysiology. 

Actual Studies:

- Whole Body Hyperthemia and Depression (PI Dr. C. Raison)

- Unilateral Massage as a potential treatment for depression (PI Dr. C. Raison , C. Janssen)

Psychophysiology (under Dr. John Allen)
Recent Accomplishments: 



Hanusch K., Janssen C., Billheimer D., Jenkins I., Spurgeon E., Lowry C., Raison L. (2013). Whole Body Hyperthermia (WBH) for the Treatment of Major Depression: Associations with Thermoregulatory Cooling. Am J Psychiatry 2013;170:802-804

Conference Presentations & Conference Attendance:

HBES (Human Behavior and Evolution) Conference 2013, Miami Beach
Janssen C., Anton T. My Microbes are Depressing: A Meta-Analysis

Frontiers in Biomedical Research Poster Forum, College of Medicine, University of Arizona 2013
Janssen C., Anton T. My Microbes are Depressing: A Meta-Analysis

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