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Christine Bracamonte Wiggs

Academic Program: 
Family Studies and Human Development
Ph.D., Family Studies and Human Development (expected December 2013); M.S., Family Studies and Human Development; M.P.H., Public Health, University of Arizona; B.S., Biology, Gonzaga University
Tucson, AZ

Research Area of Interest: Utilizing applied research and evaluation, more fully understand how contextual factors and settings, specifically afterschool and out-of-school time programs, influence and promote positive youth development among adolescents. 

FCS Thematic Minor in Program Planning and Evaluation
Recent Accomplishments: 

External Grants and Funding Obtained

  • Co-PI | After School Program Innovation, Reflection & Education (ASPIRE) | Virginia G. Piper Foundation, $863,021 | 2012-2017
  • Co-PI | AZ REACH: Military REACH (DoD2) | United States Department of Agriculture-National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA-NIFA) and Department of Defense (DoD), $500,000 | 2012-2014
  • Co-PI | CYFERnet Evaluation | USDA-NIFA, $275,500 (continuation award) | 2012-2014
  • Co-PI | Military Family Support and Training System | USDA-NIFA/DoD $1,818,182 | 2011-2014
  • Co-PI | CYFERnet Evaluation – Supplemental | USDA-NIFA, $233,000 (continuation award) | 2012-2013
  • Co-PI | Youth Engagement, Attitudes, and Knowledge (YEAK) | National 4-H Council, $23,000 | 2011-2013
  • PI | CYFERnet Clickers | USDA-NIFA, $161,553 | 2010-2012
  • Co-PI | Military REACH Supplemental | USDA-NIFA/DoD, $454,545 | 2010-2012
  • Co-PI | AZ REACH Deployment Gap Analysis | Purdue University/USDA-NIFA, $150,000 | 2010
  • Co-PI | AZ REACH Congressional Report on the Impact of Parental Deployment on Children | Maryland University/USDA-NIFA, $100,000 | 2010
  • Co-PI | Children, Youth, and Families At-Risk – Supporting Evaluation and Research Capacity Hub (CYFAR - SEARCH) | USDA-NIFA, $676,572 | 2009-2011
  • Co-PI | CYFERnet Evaluation | USDA-NIFA, $183,000 (continuation award) | 2009-2010


Scholarly and Professional Publications (Selected)


Wiggs, C.B., Romero, A.J., & Orduña, M. (in press). Lack of parental rules for cell phone use among low income Mexican descendent adolescents. Journal of Youth Development.  

Romero, A., Wiggs, C.B., Valencia, C., & Bauman, S. (in press). Latina teen suicide and bullying. Submitted to Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences.

Totenhagen, C. J., Casper, D. M., Faber, K. M., Bosch, L. A., Wiggs, C. B., & Borden, L. M. (in press). Youth financial literacy: A review of key components and effective delivery methods. Journal of Family and Economic Issues.

Hawkins, S.A., Schlomer, G., Bosch, L., Casper, D., Wiggs, C.B., Card, N., and Borden, L.M. (2012). A review of the impact of US military deployments during conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq on children’s functioning. Family Science, 3. 99-108.

Schlomer, G. L., Hawkins, S. A., Wiggs, C.B., Bosch, L., Casper, D., Card, N. A., & Borden, L. M. (2012). Deployment and family functioning: A literature review of United States operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Family Science. 3. 86-98.

Borden, L., Wiggs, C.B., Schaller, A., & Schlomer, G. (2012). Engaging youth in evaluation: Using clickers for data collection. Journal of Youth Development, 7(1), 143-147.

Card, N. A., Bosch, L. A., Casper, D. M., Wiggs, C. B., Hawkins, S. A., Schlomer, G., & Borden, L. M. (2011).  A meta-analytic review of internalizing, externalizing, and academic adjustment among children of deployed military service members.  Journal of Family Psychology, 25, 508-520.

Serido, J., Borden, L., Wiggs, C.B. (2011).  Breaking down potential barriers to continued program participation. Journal of Youth and Society, 1-19.

Borden, L.M., Schlomer, G., and Wiggs, C.B. (2011). The evolving role of the youth worker. Journal of Youth Development, 6, 126-138.

Stevens, S., Ruiz, B., Wiggs, C.B., and Shea, M. (2006). Intensive home based treatment for children and adolescents: A promising alternative to residential and hospital care. Child and Family Behavior Therapy.  4(28). 29-56.  


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