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Tommy C. De Baca

Academic Program: 
Family Studies and Human Development
B.A. Psychology, University of Texas at El Paso; M.S., Family Studies and Human Development, University of Arizona
El Paso, Texas

I am currently working under the mentorship of Bruce Ellis and AJ Figueredo to study the impact of parental effort on child social and behavioral outcomes from an evolutionary developmental and cross-cultural perspective — with studies currently being conducted in Latin America and the Caribbean. Specifically, I’m interested in exploring the consequences of parenting on children’s life history strategies and in examining how culture and local ecology could influence both.

Further, because parenting and child outcomes are often confounded by genetic effects, I’d like to disentangle the unique contributions of genetic and environmental forces on each.

I am also interested in the affective effects of happy meals.

Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology; Quantitative Methods
Recent Accomplishments: 



Barnett, M.A., Cabeza de Baca, T., Jordan, A., Tilley, E. & Ellis, B.J. (2014). Associations among parenting support, maternal parenting efficacy, and maternal depressive symptoms. Child and Youth Care Forum, DOI: 10.1007/s10566-014-9267-9.

Cabeza De Baca, T., Barnett, M. A., Ellis, B. J. (submitted).  The development of the child unpredictability schema: The correlates of maternal life history tradeoffs on reproductive effort. 

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Cabeza De Baca, T., & Figueredo, A. J. (submitted). The cognitive ecology of Mexico: climatic and socio-cultural Effects on life history strategies and general cognitive abilities.

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Woodley, M. A., Figueredo, A. J., Cabeza De Baca, T., Fernandes, H. B. F., Madison, G., Wolf, P. S. A., Black, C., & Olderbak, S. (Submitted). The genomic-level heritabilities of preparedness and plasticity in human life history: the strategic differentiation and integration of genetic transmissibilities.


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