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How Happiness Leads to Healthier Lives

Oct. 23 - Compassion Training as a Path to Genuine Happiness with Dr. Charles Raison, Department of Psychiatry and the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences Read more »

UA selected for student professional development opportunity

The University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has been chosen for Agriculture Future of America’s University Growth Initiative. Read more »

Running barefoot, running happy

Running makes you happy. The ability of running to act as an anti-depressant in humans has already been proven. Read more »

Revolutionary Parenting

At the University of Arizona, research into human parenting approaches the question from different directions. Read more »

New book by Andrea Romero

New book by Norton School faculty Andrea Romero: Preventing Adolescent Depression and Suicide Among Latinas: Resilience Research and Theory, by Romero, A.J., Edwards, L.M., Bauman, S., Ritter, M.K. Read more »

Preventing Adolescent Depression and Suicide Among Latinas

Dr. Charles Raison Coming to our Senses: Rethinking How We Understand and Treat Depression

In the most general sense, the Raison Lab conducts studies aimed at understanding how social and sensory pathways may be targeted as novel treatments of mood and anxiety disorders. Read more »

Researchers Explore Roots of American Indian Resilience

Each week, inside the cafeteria of the New Directions enter, a Tucson behavioral health and substance abuse tr Read more »

Nature vs. Nurture: New Science Stirs Debate

Researchers are making strides in understanding how genes work with the environment to shape behavior, adding a new twist to the age-old debate over whether nature or nurture is mostly responsible Read more »

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