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UA Trains Teachers to Handle Financial Education

The annual summer program offered by the UA Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences equips educators with the skills needed to teach personal finance. Read more »

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Dr. Michael Staten
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Club Spotlight: Credit-Wise Cats teach kids about finance

The UA’s Credit-Wise Cats live by one motto: There’s no crying in finance. Read more »

Financial Fitness Fair to Challenge Local Students

The UA's Credit-Wise Cats coached teams from 14 local schools on financial literacy and ability to manage money. Read more »


Non-profit credit counseling agency has contributed $4.3 million to develop personal finance curriculum, educate teachers nationwide
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Take Charge America Marks 10 Years of Support for Financial Literacy Program

Take Charge America, a national non-profit financial education and credit counseling agency based in Phoenix, is proud to announce the 10th anniversary of its support and involvement with Family Ec Read more »

Tiffany Kiramidjian

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Tiffany Kiramidjian
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Take Charge America Institute
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Financial Education: Creeping Toward Success

Educating youth about money is a clear priority. Addressing the council recently, Michael Staten, director of the Take Charge America Institute at the University of Arizona, made the case why. Read more »

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Mike Staten
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Bringing Financial ABCs To School Curriculums

Each summer, the UA offers the Take Charge America Institute program, which helps instructors learn how to teach students about handling personal finances. Read more »

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Mike Staten
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