PDF Format Instructions

You can use Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software, to download and print forms that are in a PDF format. The forms will appear exactly as the print version of the forms. Here is the link to Adobe. Read the following instructions then select this link to download and install Reader on your computer.

Instructions for downloading the Adobe Acrobat Reader:

The Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to view, navigate and print PDF (Portable Document Format) files across many different platforms. Documents in the PDF can be displayed and printed from any computer - Macintosh, Windows, DOS or UNIX - regardless of the fonts or software programs used to create the original.

Follow these steps to successfully install your Acrobat Reader.
Go to Adobe's Reader page by clicking on the link given above.

Select the version of Reader you will need for your platform (Macintosh, Windows, DOS or Unix) from the "Released Software" list (NOT the Beta version).

Check the system requirements - processor (386, 486, Pentium), version of the operating system, and the amount of RAM required for installation.

When you are sure about the platform and the system requirements, click on "Download." Select the language with which you are most comfortable.

You will now be prompted to select the location where you want Acrobat Reader saved. By default it will be saved on your C drive. If you wish you can create a separate directory or folder and save it in that location.

When you are done, click on "Save." Saving Reader to your disk may take anywhere from a few to 10 minutes, depending on network traffic.

The name of the folder in which Reader is saved is Acroread and the executable file is Acroread.exe.

Now you need to configure Netscape so that Acrobat Reader automatically opens the PDF files. The following steps will walk you through this simple procedure.

Open Netscape and under "Options" click on "General Preferences."

Under the "Helpers" tab, click on "Create New Type."

A pop-up window will display. Type the following:
MIME type: application
subtype: PDF

The next step is to type PDF in the space provided for "File Extensions."

Click on "Browse" and select the folder Acroread and again select the file Acroread.exe.

The final step is to click OK and save under "Options" Save.

You should be set to open and print documents using Adobe Acrobat Reader.