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JeanSciFi@aol.com JeanSciFi@aol.com
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 19:35:07 EDT

Hi Douglas,

With your training it would be nice to have you help us out in answering 
questions on the arid_gardener.  We get so behind.  I have over 400 e-mails 
in my mail box right now.  If your interested I'll give you more information. 
 It is all just volunteer work that some of the master gardeners from 
Maricopa County elect to do. 

I'm afraid I can't help you with a recipe.  About all I know is that the 
fruit  of the Butia palm is edible.  You know that doesn't always mean tasty. 
:) The Maricopa County Extension office does have a division that deals with 
food.  You might contact them for a start.  They are located at 4341 East 
Broadway in Phoenix.

I'll post your e-mail on the arid_gardenr board just in case someone 
subscribed has more information.

Master Gardener Volunteer
Apache Junction, AZ

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 Date:  6/26/00 8:41:37 PM US Mountain Standard Time
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 Dear Jean,
 Someone had written to you about 2 Butia palms where one was doing poorly. I 
had the same problem. I watered and fertilized alot and after two years tha 
poor one has come on strong. 
  My question; Do you have any recepies for Butia palm fruits? We are going 
to have a bumper crop this year.
 Douglas Glick