[AG] Growing Peach Tree from Seed

Linda Guy lindaguy@uswest.net
Fri, 30 Jun 2000 06:30:03 -0700


First you should be aware that if you grew a tree from a peach pit, you may have a
nice looking tree, but it would not bear the same fruit as that which it came
from. Fruit trees are typically grafted from the stock of one tree onto the root
stock of another. See a basic discussion of this in the Fruit Trees chapter of the
online Master Gardener manual at

As to trying to plant the tree itself, I would put it in a mix of equal parts high
quality container soil, organic matter [like peat] and perlite/vermiculite/pumice
and keep it evenly moist to see if it would sprout for you.

Linda Guy, MG

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> Comment: I  have  a  beautiful  peach  tree  and  plan  on  moving to
> another location.  I  have  searched  everywhere and am still looking for
> an answer to my  question.  Which
> is,  how  can  I  start  a  peach  tree  from  one  of  the  pits?I  would
> really  apperciate  the  answer  as  soon
> as  possible.  Thank  you  for  your  time,  understanding  and  cooperation!!
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