[Arid_gardener] yellow bells/orange jubilee/mystery plant

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Wed, 4 Dec 2002 15:06:00 -0700

I suspect that you may not be giving your shrubs enough water. Please check
out these sites for info on proper irrigation:

Could the ground cover that you are trying to identify be Lantana ? Lantana
is classified as a shrub but is sometimes sold for ground cover. The foliage
has a pungent odor, I suppose it could be called mint like.

Good luck.

Rod McKusick
Master Gardener
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Subject: [Arid_gardener] yellow bells/orange jubilee/mystery plant

>Two quick questions,
>I have 3 yellow bells and 6 orange jubilees scattered around the back yard.
>All of them are putting out nice growth at the top, but the bottoms are
>browning around the edges of the leaves, so much so that the they are naked
>around the stalks.  Is this the natural growth habit of these guys, or
>should I be concerned about something else, like over or under watering.
>How much SHOULD I be watering these in the winter and summer?  I understand
>their pretty drought tolerant once established, but how many months in the
>ground is considered established?
>Also, I bought some groundcover back in June, and didn't keep the stake
>had the name on it.  I'm hoping you might know what it is by description.
>The plant is low lying, and has fernlike leaves, that put out a multitude
>yellow daisy like flowers, that are approx. 3 cm in diameter.  The leaves
>smell like mint, and they are growing outward away from the center of the
>plant, but not attaching that I can tell.  The cool weather hasn't effected
>them, so I'm hoping these are not annuals.  Any ideas?
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