4-H Youth Named Hasbro Community Action Hero for Service to Military Community

Once a year Hasbro, Inc. recognizes six inspiring kids and teens who have created unique ways to address challenging issues in their local and global communities. The six young service leaders are named Hasbro Community Action Heroes. Grace Anne Remey, a nine year old from Tucson, Ariz. and 4-H youth, is one of the six recognized for the honor in 2013.

Remey is known as a “military kid.” Her father has been deployed seven times and her family has moved across the country as a result. She has gone through the hardships that come with being in a military family and decided to share her experiences in order to help other children by writing and illustrating Lion’s Pride: A Tail of Deployment.

Lion’s Pride is about a young lion cub whose father lion deploys far away. Remey’s experiences coping with her father’s military deployment is told through the eyes of the lion cub and acts as a medium for other children like her to discuss and understand their own experiences with deployment. She later wrote a second book, Lion’s Pride On the Move, published in March, that explores what happens when the cub’s family has to move to a new country.

Remey’s books have inspired programs such as Creative Safari, which gives military kids an opportunity to hear the book and use arts and puppetry to share their own experiences with the deployment of a parent.

Creative Safari is one of many youth-focused programs offered by Arizona Operation: Military Kids, a 4-H Youth Development program that reaches out to military youth through positive development programs.

“Grace Anne found a solution to a communication gap within the military community,” says Teresa Noon, Arizona Operation: Military Kids senior program coordinator. “Her desire to continue serving her military community through her creativity and gift of storytelling is unique and inspiring.”

Arizona Operation: Military Kids is based at the University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and implemented through UA Cooperative Extension and affiliated 4-H Youth Development programs across the state. This program is funded nationally through the land-grant university system by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense and Department of the Army.

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Teresa Noon
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May 15 2013