Collier Named Fellow of the American Dairy Science Association

Robert Collier, professor of animal sciences in the School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences, was honored recently as a Fellow of the American Dairy Science Association. A member for over 20 years, Collier was awarded the fellowship for his exceptional contributions to the dairy industry through his research on the physiological responses of dairy cows to varying levels of heat.

Collier’s research on heat stress has allowed farmers to predict when cows are in danger of overheating and has led to altered management of dairy cows during late pregnancy to reduce environmental heat load. The reduced stress improves calf birth weight and increases milk yields.

Collier has also been nationally and internationally recognized for his research and publications on environmental physiology in other domestic animals and on the biology of lactation over a 42-year period, from 1971 to 2013.

The ASDA is an international organization with 2,000 members who are committed to advancing the dairy industry. Only .2% of the members are selected to be recognized as fellows per year.

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Robert Collier
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Oct 21 2013