Cyberbullying: Researchers to Discuss, Build Awareness

With broad expertise spanning child anxiety, digital game-based learning, school psychology, teacher training, aggression and other topics, more than two dozen researchers will convene for a UA think tank to address research-based issues related to cyberbullying.
By La Monica Everett-Haynes, University Communications September 23, 2010
Electronic bullying is a recent phenomenon that has become increasingly pervasive, particularly among youth.

But the way cyberbullying is defined and handled can vary greatly among school districts, law enforcement agencies and also states.

To help promote precise definitions and appropriate research measures and strategies, Sheri Bauman, director of the University of Arizona's School Counseling Program, has convened a “think tank” drawing 20 scholars from around the world.

"As technology has evolved, it has provided many opportunities, but there are some uses of technology that also are harmful," said Bauman, also a UA associate professor in the disability and psychoeducational studies department within the UA College of Education. 

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Oct 7 2010