E-Commerce Means Business

Laraine Rodgers
Laraine Rodgers

E-commerce is a fast-growing revenue channel and a key asset for building and maintaining customer loyalty. Most successful retailers have ‘online’ at the center of their corporate agenda.

  • E-Commerce came to the runway at Fall 2010 Fashion Week in Milan when a designer allowed anyone with a credit card to order online as models walked the runway!

  •  A recent full-page top retailer’s print ad directs consumers to “discover more online.”

  •  Mobile commerce (m-commerce) helps consumers find, compare and purchase products, offer personalized coupons and more and drives foot traffic to retail outlets as well.


Forrester estimates that $917 billion worth of retail sales last year were “Webinfluenced,” which means online direct e-commerce or offline sales tied to Web activity. E-commerce sales in the U.S. are projected to keep growing at a 10% compound annual growth rate, and Europe’s at 11% through 2014.

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Released date: 
Oct 28 2010