Feb. Freeze Whittles Total of Heritage Trees

Nine of the 22 designated Heritage Trees on the UA campus were so badly frozen in February that they will have to be cut down or severely pruned to "something that looks like a coat rack."

"It's a devastating loss," said Tanya Quist, director of the University of Arizona Campus Arboretum.

One of the nine trees - a fever tree native to Africa that stood near Cochise Hall - was cut down Monday.

The Heritage Trees are a collection of special trees prized for their origin, age, appearance or connection with the university's history.

Quist said the fever tree and four others showed no sign of life - or very little. All of those likely "will need to be cut back to a stump," she said.

Another four seriously cold-stricken trees will undergo "hard pruning," resulting in that "coat rack" look, Quist said.

She emphasized that plans for individual trees could change as continuing observations provide more information about their condition.  [Article continued at Arizona Daily Star link below.]

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Tanya Quist
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May 20 2011