Gene Researcher Strives to Create Super-rice That Will Feed Billions

Rod Wing, director of the Arizona Genomics Institute, said he likes to "surprise people" by telling them the University of Arizona is the largest producer of rice in the state.

The rice grows in experimental plots in the greenhouses and fields of the UA's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - an outgrowth of research in Wing's lab to help solve the Earth's looming food crisis by creating new strains of the cereal crops that make up 60 percent of humankind's diet.

Wing started his genomics lab in the buildings of the Bio5 Institute when he joined the UA's School of Plant Sciences in 2002. He was already involved in a worldwide effort to sequence the entire genome of the predominant species of rice.

That $200 million effort took six years and in 2004 produced the first complete genome sequence for a food crop.

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Rod Wing
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Jul 11 2012