Researchers Receive Bullying Research Grants

University of Arizona’s Frances McClelland Institute

Studies will lead to better understanding, awareness, intervention & prevention

TUCSON, AZ - In the wake of several recent bullying and student suicide incidents, including the alleged  Rutgers University cyberbullying, researchers at the University of Arizona’s (UA) Frances McClelland Institute (FMI) have received two significant grants for bullying research.
“We are very excited about these grants,” said Noel Card, Ph.D., an associate professor and FMI’s Adolescence Initiative Chair. “There is a critical need for general research on child and adolescent aggression and victimization. Young people have many stressors, and when you throw social media in the mix … youth are faced with challenges and influences on levels that other generations never had to deal with.”

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Released date: 
Dec 2 2010