UA Revamps Minor to Focus on Fashion, Retail

Trendy UA students might be able to turn their love for fashion into a degree with a proposed minor.

The fashion and consumers minor, if approved by the UA, will start this summer with online courses that deal with fashion economics and research through the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences with the help of the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing.

“We have a lot of retailing students as well as family study students who, through the advising process, indicated that they would be interested if we ever offered some sort of fashion option,” said Anita Bhappu, an associate professor of family and consumer sciences and division chair for the retailing and consumer sciences minor. “We currently don’t offer any sort of fashion-based curriculum within the retailing program.”

The fashion and consumers minor will be an updated version of the current family and consumer sciences minor, which provides outreach classes to students online.

“We are modifying the courses set under the current minor,” Bhappu said. “We are taking an existing minor and focusing it on fashion.”

The school received $40,000 in grant funding from the UA to begin the development of more online outreach education. The school plans on using this money to begin its fashion and consumers minor with the goal of possibly expanding in the future.

“It is a great opportunity for anyone in the retail department or anyone wanting to pursue a career in fashion or anything related to the industry,” said Monica Vincent, a senior studying family studies and human development. “It’s a huge industry, people are always going to be shopping and caring about how they look because it is a representation about themselves.”

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Anita Bhappu
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Jan 27 2012