The Agricultural License is needed for rural handling of restricted use pesticides for farms, greenhouses, nurseries, State and National parks.

ESD key to licenses

Step 1. Get the study material: University of Arizona Publication: Arizona Agricultural Pesticide Application Training Manual. Some licenses may require you to purchase additional study materials. ESD table of sources for study material

Step 2. Study the information presented in the manual.

Step 3. Optional Initial Training (ICT) courses are available. ICT courses are sponsored by the Arizona Department of Agriculture and by independent educational services. The purpose of the ICT course is to review the information presented in the manual prior to the certification test.

Step 4. To take the license test, contact the Arizona Department of Agriculture Environmental Services Divition (602) 542-4373. The certification test is regularly given in Phoenix, Safford, Tucson and Yuma. ESD information on tests.

Step 5. Be advised that 6 SPCC Continuing Education Units (CEU's) are required for all categories. ESD list of CEU classes.

Arizona Dept. of Agriculture - Environmental Services Division contact:

Gary Christian, Licensing Manager
phone: (602) 542-0903
fax: (602) 542-0466

For more information:

Pesticide Hotline: 1-800-423-8876
Agricultural Safety: (602) 542-3575
Compliance: (602) 542-3575
Feed Registration/Licensing: (602)542-0814
Fertilizer—Pesticide Registration/Licensing: (602) 542-0949
Safford Regional Office: (520) 428-4619
Tucson Regional Office: (520) 628-6313
Yuma Regional Office: (928) 341-1775