The Structural License is needed for the urban/city handling of restricted use pesticides: building, house, golf course, school, city and county parks, or along the rights of way.

See SPCC key to licenses.

Step 1. Get the study material.

"CORE" Training Manuals:

  • "Arizona Pesticide Applicator Certification Manual: Structural" is a comprehensive manual for certification and continuing education.
  • "General Pest Identification" is an addition to the core manual for the identification and control of general household pests. It includes color photos of general pests common in Arizona.

These publications are available from the UA College of Agriculture Publications and Distribution Center.

Specific certification categories may require you to purchase additional study materials from SPCC: see the Structural Pest Control Commission Publication Order Form (pdf), for publications listed by license category.

Step 2. Study the information presented in the manual.

Step 3. Optional Initial Training (ICT) courses are available from the State of Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission. The purpose of the IT course is to review the information presented in the manual prior to the certification test so each student needs to purchase and the read the necessary manuals. SPCC IT information

Step 4. To take the certification test, contact the State of Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission. Ask for the testing center when they are giving the test in your particular part of the State.

Step 5. Please be advised that 6 Continuing Education Units (CEU's) will be required for the first year and every continuing year to keep the license active. SPCC CE Training Schedule

State of Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission
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Phone: (602) 255-3664, outside Maricopa county: (800) 223-0618
Fax: (602) 255-1281
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