Conservation Research Laboratory: General Conservation Projects

Shari Ketcham

Differential Response of a Native Arizona Gray Squirrel and an Introduced Abert’s Squirrel to a Mosaic of Burn Severities
  • Time Period: August 2011-Present

  • Location: Santa Catalina Mountains, AZ, U.S.A.

Major Questions: What burn severities do tree squirrels use post fire regarding resources such as dreys, cavities, and food? How large are the patch sizes of the burn severities that tree squirrels choose to use? Are there any competition factors between tree squirrels for resources post fire? If so, what resources do tree squirrels compete for? What is the estimated abundance and distribution of tree squirrels on the Santa Catalina Mountains?

Where is Shari Now?

Bureau of Land Management Wildlife Biologist
Lake Havasu Field Office
2610 Sweetwater Avenue
Lake Havasu City, AZ  86406