Norton School Awarded $2M to Help At-Risk Youth and Families

The Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Arizona has won more than $2 million in federal research funding to help children and families in Arizona and across the country.

The grants were awarded in a blind competitive review process based on faculty expertise and experience, said Soyeon Shim, director of the Norton School. The funds will be split among multiple and interrelated initiatives--some focused on Arizona communities and others with a national scope.

In Arizona, the Norton School will work with existing agencies and organizations that serve youth and families, providing training and consulting to develop programs that strengthen at-risk families with children 3-5 years old.

The programs serve impoverished and other at-risk families in communities facing significant challenges. Another Arizona-focused arm of the research concentrates on helping at-risk youth develop strategies, competencies and voice as they navigate critical issues at school and at home.

On a national level, researchers at the UA Norton School are developing tools and processes for improving hundreds of related programs across the United States--initiatives under the umbrella of the federal Children, Youth and Families at Risk, or CYFAR, program.

Date released: 
Feb 15 2010
Soyeon Shim, Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences