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University of Arizona ranked #1 among US Universities and #4 among institutions worldwide for top-cited environmental science publications


An article published recently in the peer-reviewed journal Science of the Total Environment found the University of Arizona to be the most productive university in the United States for top-cited publications pertaining to the field of "environmental science"—and the fourth most productive institution in this regard worldwide.

Unexpected Wood Source for Chaco Canyon Great Houses

The wood in the monumental "great houses" built in Chaco Canyon by ancient Puebloans came from two different mountain ranges, according to new research from the University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research.

The UA scientists are the first to report that before 1020, most of the wood came from the Zuni Mountains about 50 miles to the south. The species of tree used in the buildings did not grow nearby, so the trees must have been transported from distant mountain ranges.

UA's Rice Symposium Tackles 'People Question'

Among the most pressing issues facing the world today is how to grow enough food to feed a human population that will expand by more than two billion in the next 35 years without exhausting resources and destroying the environment.

Rice will play an essential role in the quest to solve this "9 Billion People Question." Rice is, and will continue to be, the primary source of food/calories for half the world and many rapidly growing regions.

Water Future Looks Gloomy for Arizona, Surrounding Region

Millions of people have moved to Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and surrounding states- and many more are expected to follow, adding to the demand for potable water.

Sharon Megdal, director of the Water Resources Research Center at the University of Arizona, said water harvesting efforts by Tucson residents and other communities are conserving water, but the demand has outstripped the supply.


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