Climatic data description

Greenhouse location
County :          Pima (northeastern)
Location :       1971 E. Roger Road,
                      Tucson, AZ 85719
Elevation :       713 meters ( 2339 ft)
Coordinates :   Latitude    =  32 degs 16' 49"
                       Longitude  = 110 degs 56' 45"

Greenhouse Climate Data:

Tin (C)
RHin (%)
Tout (C)
Solar Radiation (W/m2)
CO2 (ppm)
VPD (kPa)
01-04-2008 (4) 10:20-AM 21.3 58.7 17.1 294.3 475.4 1.045

DATE Date: Month-day-year (Day Of Year: Julian Day)
TIME Time in 12 hr format (Hour : Minutes : am_pm)
Tin Air temperature inside the greenhouse (C).
The aspirated sensor is located 6' above ground, at the middle of the centerline of the greenhouse
RHin Relative humidity inside the greenhouse (%)
Same location of Tin sensor
Tout   Air temperature outside the greenhouse (C)
This sensor is shielded from sun, and located 22' above ground in the centerline of the south side of the greenhouse
Solar Radiation Solar radiation outside the greenhouse (W/m2) [in the range of 380-1100 nm]
Same location of Tout sensor
CO2 Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration inside the greenhouse (ppm) is measured with a diffusion sensor located 6' above ground level and 12' from the north wall and at the centerline of greenhouse
VPD Vapor Pressure Deficit [kPa]. Calculated as a function of Tin and RH
Tc Air Temperature set point for cooling (°C)
Th Air Temperature set point for heating (°C)

Location of sensors

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