Climate MWS Module Crossword

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1. Air circulation involving the upward and downward transfer of heat.
4. Name for the shortest and longest days of the year.
7. The difference between the average climate over a period of several decades or more, and the climate during a particular month or season.
9. A major Earth atmospheric circulation pattern that consists of rising air at or near the Equator and sinking air at or near 30 degress north or south of the Equator; a type of cell of circulation.
10. Currents of fast winds in the upper atmosphere moving from west to east.


2. Type of lifting of air masses that occurs because of the presence of mountain ranges; often results in cloud formation and precipitation.
3. Values for variables such as monthly precipitation, minimum temperature, and maximum temperature; calculated on 30-year intervals.
5. A circulation system driven by the heating of land and resulting in a dramatic increase in rainfall.
6. Average weather conditions for a particular location over many years. Also takes into account extremes and how likely extremes are to occur from year to year.
8. The set of temperature and precipitation conditions we experience at a given time, from hour to hour or day to day, in a particular location.
11. Days in spring and autumn when day and night are each 12 hours.