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Arizona Master Watershed Steward Educational Website

Stream channels, floodplains, and watersheds are complex systems with great economic, social, cultural, and environmental value. These important systems moderate stream flow, store water, remove harmful pollutants from water, and provide habitat for aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals.

The mission of Arizona MWS Program is to educate and train citizens across the state of Arizona to serve as volunteers in the protection, restoration, monitoring, and conservation of their water and watersheds. MWS is an education program designed to increase the capacity of community members to identify and address water and land management issues at local levels.

Once trained, Master Watershed Stewards play important roles in their communities. These individuals:

  • Continue learning about and engaging in watershed stewardship, through local continuing education and volunteer opportunities announced by the MWS weblog, the MWS newsletter, the MWS website, or other natural resource organizations.
  • Support watershed groups with similar goals.
  • Serve as a point of contact for community members seeking assistance and refer people to the University of Extension Service, local supporting agencies, and watershed groups for reference materials, training, and assistance.

Master Watershed Stewards are not expected to serve as watershed management educators to the community. To learn more about the MWS program in Arizona, or to sign up to become a Master Watershed Steward, visit the Arizona Master Watershed Stewards site.

Master Watershed Stewards play an important role by bridging local management issues and science. By becoming involved locally, citizens can help ensure that natural resources are effectively managed and restored, while ensuring that such activities are in concert with other community needs.

The purpose of this website is to provide additional information on watersheds, water resources, and related topics to further prepare and empower Master Watershed Stewards to become involved in water and watershed protection, restoration, and conservation activities.

This project was made possible by grants from the UA Technology and Research Initiative Fund (TRIF) Water Sustainability Program and the UA TRIF “Anyplace Access for Arizonans” Initiative.

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