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Arizona Master Watershed Steward Educational Website

This website is designed to supplement and enhance the information presented in the Arizona Master Watershed Steward course and in the Arizona Watershed Stewardship Guide. The information in this website is presented in four core modules:
Source: T. Crimmins

  • Climate
  • Soils
  • Streams
  • Biotic

Following the successful completion of these four core modules, participants may access the monitoring module.

The information for each of the modules has been designed to provide focused, relevant information pertaining to watershed management. For each module, we aimed to provide:

  • Pertinent background information on the subject and its connections within the watershed ecosystem;
  • An overview of common protection, conservation, and restoration practices specific to the subject and jumping-off points for MWS participants to become more involved;
  • A description of subject-specific datasets currently being collected and their potential relevance to MWS activities.
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