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Soil Conservation, Protection, and Restoration

Many off-road vehicle tracks.

The previous section discussed soil function within a watershed and ways in which this function can be impaired by human actions. This segment presents alternatives to promote soil conservation and protection and suggestions for ways to help restore balance to the watershed ecosystem. As a Master Watershed Steward, you may participate in these sorts of efforts in your area or work to initiate them yourself.

The major soil modifications which can have rippling effects throughout the watershed ecosystem are soil compaction, leading to decreased infiltration and increased runoff; soil erosion, leading to increased sediment, nutrients, and chemicals moving within the system and entering surface waterbodies; and incision and gullying within upland areas and stream channels. This segment will discuss ways to minimize these damaging ecosystem changes and restore watershed function; however, this discussion is by no means exhaustive. The information provided here is intended to serve as a starting point for watershed protection and conservation.


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