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In October 2009, 29 Stewards graduated from the Master Watershed Steward class in Phoenix to begin their work as watershed stewards! These Stewards have helped educate 2,700 people about watershed issues and our surface and groundwater resources at a variety of events throughout the Phoenix area. These Stewards were given special training as part of the course to learn how to communicate these very important water messages to their community members.

Volunteer Tracking
Please contact your volunteer coordinator for instructions on how to access the volunteer tracking system.

We have two MWS listservs to help our Stewards stay connected with each other, learn about upcoming events and post their experiences:

Statewide_MWS listserv encompasses events happening throughout Arizona
Southern_AZ_MWS listserv focuses on events in Maricopa, Pima, Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties

Resource Guide
This guide is designed to act as a reference to assist you in finding organizations of interest that utilize volunteers for environmentally related projects.

MWS Policies & Documents
Continuing Education Policy (PDF)
Equipment Loan Contract (PDF)
MWS Creed (PDF)
MWS Program Application (MS Word) | (PDF)
MWS Volunteer Agreement (MS Word)
MWS Resource Volunteer Agreement (MS Word)
Travel Grant Application (PDF)
Travel Grant Reimbursement Survey (PDF)
Photo Release Form (PDF)