CALS Senior Receives 2013 Centennial Achievement Award

Marianna Yanes, a senior majoring in biosystems engineering at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, received the Centennial Achievement Award from the University of Arizona during her Winter Commencement.

The award is given to two seniors graduating during the current academic year who have demonstrated academic integrity, overcome challenges to achieve a college education, made a contribution to self, community and family, and who are the first to graduate from college in their family.

From the Dean of Students Office’s narrative about Yanes’s achievements:

Marianna Yanes has completed four research internships in the Aerospace, Biomedical and Biosystems engineering fields. She lived in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico until she relocated to Arizona at the age of 17. At that time she attended school for the first time where English was the only language spoken.

Marianna, a NASA Space Grant intern for two consecutive years, most recently completed a Space Grant internship at the Steckler Lunar Greenhouse. She is a member of Tau Beta Pi and Alpha Epsilon. She has received various scholarships and awards, including a “Best Paper” award at the Thai Society of Agricultural Engineers International Conference in Hua Hin, Thailand and the Benjamin E. Franklin scholarship

Marianna overcame many obstacles throughout college, but school, work, hobbies, volunteerism, and friends kept her motivated to succeed. Her philosophy is that life is too short to dwell on personal difficulties when there are so many serious problems in this world that need attention.

After graduating, Yanes plans to attend graduate school next fall at the University of Arizona and wishes to own her own greenhouse company that will feed the undernourished.

Released date: 
Dec 17 2013