CALS Student Earns Career Development Grant

Stephanie Tolbert is working to reduce toxicity in cosmetics. Erin Durban-Albrecht is investigating the effects of anti-gay ideologies in Haiti. Both University of Arizona doctoral students have earned American Fellowships from the American Association of University Women, or AAUW.

The national association announced that it has granted $3.7 million in 245 fellowships and grants to scholars and programs across the nation. Of the total, Tolber and Durban-Albrecht are among nearly 80 women to earn American Fellowship recipients.

Also, Kaitlin Charette, a UA nutritional sciences major with a focus on dietetics, earned an AAUW career development grant. A UA Honors College student, Charette aspires to be a registered dietitian and plans to work with women in low-income communities.

As American Fellowship recipients, Tolbert and Durban-Albrecht are in the final stages of their dissertations. Some American Fellowships alumnae include MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and Susan Sontag, a nationally known writer and activist.

"The American Fellowship program affords scholars the ability to become leading thinkers in their fields and have an impact across multiple disciplines," Gloria Blackwell, AAUW's vice president of fellowships, grants and international programs said in a statement announcing the fellowship recipients.

"It's also a recognition of their great potential because they are receiving support from one of the nation's most respected women's organizations," Blackwell also noted.

For her dissertation, Tolbert is investigating ways to reduce the toxicity of personal care products like sunscreen, a research focus that stems from a childhood curiosity.

"I was always interested in the ingredients in cosmetics and understanding the function of those ingredients," said Tolbert, a doctoral candidate in organic chemistry.

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Sep 18 2013