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Spring/Summer 1995, Issue No. 37

ISSN: 1092-5481

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Conserving Drylands Biodiversity

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Editor's note: Biodiversity & the World Wide Web
by John M. Bancroft

Do we really care only about endangered species, or are we ready to pledge allegiance to all levels of biodiversity?
by Gary Paul Nabhan

Crazy tomatoes and purple potatoes: A chef's perspective on biodiversity
by Janos Wilder

The threat of exotic grasses to the biodiversity of semiarid ecosystems
by Dan James

A famework for biodiversity prospecting: The INBio experience
by Ana Sittenfeld & Anthony Artuso

Biodiversity prospecting in the drylands of Chile, Argentina & Mexico
by Barbara N. Timmermann & Barbara Hutchinson

Reversing the loss of biodiversity: An overview of international measures
by Walter V. Reid

ALRS Graduates: The Orr Report
Jake F. Weltzin Is 1994 McGinnies Scholar
OALS Director Visits Cairo

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On the cover: The biodiversity of Chile's drylands is illustrated in a trio of photos by Chilean scientist Gloria Montenegro. The dominant image is of the plant Puya chiloensis from central Chile and the inset photos were taken in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, at Arica (left) and at Laguna de Chungara. For more, see the article Biodiversity Prospecting in the Drylands of Chile, Argentina & Mexico.

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