Arid Lands Newsletter

Spring/Summer 1996: Number 39

ISSN: 1092-5481

The Arid Lands Newsletter #39: Borders

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Editor: John M. Bancroft
Art Director: Merrill Parsons
On the cover: The Sonoran Peoples' Tapestry
--Artist: Ann Keuper
--Photographer: Merrill Parsons

About this newsletter

bor.der n [ME bordure. . .]

1: an outer part or edge
2: an ornamental design at the edge of a fabric or rug
3: a narrow bed of planted ground along the edge of a garden or walk (a --- of tulips)
4: boundary (crossed the --- into Italy)
5: a plain or decorative margin around printed matter

Collegiate Dictionary

The fear o' hell 's a hangman's whip
To haud the wretch in order;
But where ye feel your honour grip,
Let that aye be your border.

Robert Burns (1759-1796)
Epistle To a Young Friend

Editor's note
Borders geopolitical, technological & personal
by John M. Bancroft

Bridging borders
Empowering grassroots linkages
by Helen Ingram & Robert G. Varady

La Frontera Nueva
Building the International Sonoran Desert Alliance (ISDA)
by Wendy Laird & John Anderson

The ISDA at work
One man's story

Words & Images
The Sonoran Peoples' Tapestry
Introduction by Matilda Essig

Cross-Border Links
Inventing the Sonoran Bioregion Network (SBN)
by David Fuller

The Orr Report
Dryland use & management: Student perspectives on a border county
by Barron Orr

Selected books of interest
Compiled by Katherine Waser

Adobe (the mud) goes online
by Paul G. McHenry Jr.

More . . .
Borderlands web resources
by Katherine Waser

The Whole Internet by E-Mail
by The Editors of The Scout Report

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