Arid Lands Newsletter--link to home page No. 40, Fall/Winter 1996
The CCD, Part I: Africa and the Mediterranean



International symposium and workshop on combating desertification
Tucson, Arizona
12-16 May 1997

An international symposium and workshop titled "Combating Desertification: Connecting Science with Community Action" will be held in Tucson, Arizona, from 12-16 May 1997. This important symposium is being sponsored by the US Dept. of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management and the International Arid Lands Consortium, in collaboration with The University of Arizona, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, US Environmental Protection Agency, and the Centro de Investigaciones Sobre Desertificación

In keeping with the CCD's emphasis on community-level participation in planning, decision-making and implementation of actions to combat desertification, the objective of this symposim is to provide for a significant exchange of ideas between

  • The developers of science and technology related to combating desertification, and
  • The community-level decision-makers who must deal with the problems of desertification and drought on a day-to-day basis.
Scientists, land managers, non-government organizations, and men and women working at the local level to combat desertification are invited to participate.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Stressors, indicators and processes.
  • Effective techniques for monitoring and assessing desertification.
  • Lessons learned at the community level.
  • Socioeconomic/human dimensions.
  • Linking science to community action.
  • Regional aspects of desertification.

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