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Water in Cities

Selected news of interest

annotated by Katherine Waser

IFAD Announcement: Award for Excellence in Distinguished Example of Explanatory Reporting on: Desertification - A Global Threat

To be awarded on World Desertification Day - 17 June 2000

Submission conditions:
Entries must be submitted in writing by 1 March 2000 to:
Communications Unit
c/o IFAD
Via del Serafico 107
Rome 00147 ITALY

Stories or editorial should demonstrate mastery of the subject, lucid writing and clear presentation. Submitted article (or series of three articles, maximum) should increase readers' understanding of desertification issues, with particular attention to desertification's implications in rural-urban migration.

The award comprises US$5,000, provided by the City of Bonn, IFAD, and the U.N. Secretariat of the Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Organizers reserve the right to use received materials for awareness-building purposes. Authors will be duly acknowledged.

Dr. Monika Horig
Tel: +49 228 772 112
Fax: +49 228 772 468
Tel: +39 06 5459 2215
Fax: +39 06 519 3328

CEWRE-Pakistan Establishes Programs in Water Resources Engineering

The Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Engineering (CEWRE), University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan, has established two programs of interest to the water resources community.

* Every year in August, CEWRE offers postgraduate courses leading to M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in Water Resources Management, Engineering Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering. These courses are designed for professionals interested in extending their expertise in investigations, planning, designing and monitoring of water resources development and management projects in their countries. Admission forms are available from the Centre's Office for US$25.00. Limited scholarships for local expenses are available for outstanding students from developing countries. For more information, contact Prof. Dr. Muhammad Latif, Director, at the address below.

* CEWRE has also established the "PANCID - YOUNG PROFESSIONAL FORUM," a group of scientists working on irrigation, drainage and environmental issues to promote the activities of the ICID at the grassroots level. PANCID-YPF invites proposals to establish linkages for the exchange of information and young scientists and for the establishment of joint projects with NGOs of like interest in the above-mentioned fields. For more information, contact Engr Sajid Mahmood, YPF Coordinator, or Engr. Haziel F. Gabriel, YPF Secretary, at the address below.

University of Engineering & Technology
Tel: +92 (42) 682 2558, 682 2024, 682 1100
Fax: +92 (42) 682 2024

Upcoming Conferences of Interest

Third Conference on Desertification and Environmental Studies: Beyond the Year 2000
9-11 October 1999

The goal of this conference is to promote research, knowledge and activities that will combat desertification and promote the health of the environment, with a specific focus on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. International participants are welcome. The primary conference language will be Arabic; the secondary language will be English. The deadline for abstract submittal was 2 June 1999.

Conference topics include:

  • Desert natural resources and their development
  • Drought and the combating of desertification
  • The role of man in the desert environment
  • National activities and desert studies related to desert development
  • Use of modern technologies in desert studies.

There are no registration fees. KSU will provide local transportation but will not bear any accommodation expenses.

Chairman of the Scientific Committee
P.O. Box 2454, Riyadh 11451
Tel: +966 (1) 4675571
Fax: +966 (1) 4675574

Innovations in Water Management
14-15 October 1999
Mexico City

This seminar is directed at the examination of the serious problems related to the quality and quantity of water in Mexico. The seminar language will be Spanish, and all papers must be submitted in that language; however, international participants are welcome. The due date for abstracts was 30 July, 1999. Topics to be treated during the seminar may derive from any discipline and may treat disparate aspects of the problem such as health, economic, environmental, or social impacts.

The keynote speaker is Dr. A. K. Biswas, President of the Centro Internacional del Tercer Mundo para el Manejo del Agua, A.C. and member of the World Water Commission. The seminar will include commentary on the presentations by invited guests and the chance for in-depth discussion of papers and proposals among all attendees.

Seminar sponsors include the Department of Economic Production of the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana - Xochimilco and the Centro Internacional del Tercer Mundo para el Manejo del Agua. Further information may be obtained by email at, or by calling the Department of Economic Production at +52 (5) 724-5100, 5101, or 5234.

Combating Desertification with Plants
1-5 November 1999
Beer Sheva, ISRAEL

This conference is organized by the International Program for Arid Land Crops (IPALAC), an initiative designed to serve as a catalyst for the introduction, adaptation, domestication and/or improvement of plants, or systems based on plants, for utilization in the development process. The conference focuses on the wise use of plant germplasm either native or adaptable to the climatic and edaphic conditions of arid and semi-arid lands, as an approach that can help reduce the spread of desertification and promote sustainable development in drylands.

Topics include:

  • Plants as components of environmental systems (wind/fire breaks, dune stabilization etc.)
  • Traditional and new crops
  • Agroforestry and non-wood forest products
  • Social, cultural, and economic aspects relating to use of plants to combat desertification
  • Ecological considerations
  • Abstracts should be submitted by 3 September 1999

The Organizing Committee
International Program for Arid Land Crops
c/o Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
P.O.B. 653
Beer Sheva, Israel 84105
Tel: +972 (7) 646 1905, 646 1972
Fax: +972 (7) 647 2984

Third International Symposium on Wastewater Reclamation, Recycling and Reuse
3-6 July 2000

Water reuse has become an integral component of optimal planning and efficient use of water resources, whether for agricultural, industrial, or human use. This Symposium will focus on the socio-economic, scientific, and engineering accomplishments made in wastewater reuse during the last quarter of this century. Selected topics include:

  • Appropriate technologies
  • Advanced treatment
  • Health effects and health risk assessment
  • Urban reuse
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial reuse
  • Economics, pricing and financing
  • Resource management

The deadline for submittal of abstracts was 1 July 1999.

For further technical information, contact:
Prof. Francois Brissaud
Secretary, Steering Organizing Committee
GBE- Equipe Hydrologie
Universite Montpellier II, cc 056
34095 Montpellier Cedex 05, France
Tel: +33 (4) 67 14 42 74
Fax: +33 (4) 67 52 48 61

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