Arid Lands Newsletter

May 2000, Issue No. 47

ISSN: 1092-5481

Rammed earth wall, southern Arizona

Desert Architecture for a New Millenium

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Katherine Waser, Editor
Office of Arid Lands Studies
The University of Arizona

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Editor's note:
Some thoughts on compatibility of structure and site
by Katherine Waser

Patterns of sustainability in desert architecture
Part 1: The question of compactness
Part 2: Toward sustainable desert architecture
by David Pearlmutter

Rammed earth construction: Trans-cultural research in the Sonoran Desert
by Mary Hardin

Adobe: A timeless solution
by Paul G. McHenry

Reinforcement of existing adobe houses
by Luis Zegarra, Angel San Bartolomé, Daniel Quiun, and Gladys Villa Garcia

A report from the Pima County Alternative Building Materials Exhibit
by Katherine Waser

Briefly noted:
Selected resources of interest
annotated by Elaine Cubbins

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The November 2000 issue of the Arid Lands Newsletter, ALN No. 48, will focus on the theme of Linkages between Cultural Diversity and Biodiversity.

Loss of biodiversity around the globe is a growing concern; so is the loss of cultural diversity. How might these two concerns be linked? To what extent does preservation of the one type of diversity tend to enhance the other? Conversely, are there instances when promotion of the one tends to lead to decreases in the other? To what extent can projects grounded in a local community, such as ecotourism and permaculture, work to promote both of these types of diversity? For this issue, specific case studies are particularly welcome.

Proposals for papers, comments, suggestions for possible authors, suggestions for resources (web, paper, CD-ROM etc.) to be included, etc. are welcome. Please send your suggestions to Katherine Waser, Editor, Arid Lands Newsletter.

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