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Jordan Activities 2009-2010

Developing a Manual for Management of Sludge and Biosolids at Jordanian jWastewater Treatment Plants: A Technical Report, by Dr. Akrum H. Tamimi, Robert J. Feitas, and Wae Suleiman, September 28, 2010. This report is compiled based partially on a survey that the biosolids ad hoc committee requested in 2006. Other information in this report was gathered independently by the author by working in the area of specialty. (pdf format)

Analysis of Statistical Models to Predict Attainment of Safe Pathogen Levels in Biosolids Treatments in Jordan, prepared by John Baer and Dean Bilheimer, PhD., Statistical Consulting Laboatory, University of Arizona. Stastical models were looked at to predict attainment of safe levels of wastewater pathogens. (pdf format)

The reuse of treated wastewater and bio-solids is a concept that is being increasingly acccepted in most regions of the world, both in industrialized and developing countries, but one which will dramatically increase in gobal importance over the coming decades. Report by the Royal Scientific Society called Stydying the Impact of Bio-solids Residuals and Effluent Constituents on Soil Fertility and Crop Production. (pdf format)