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Cloudy Day in Jordan
Program Coordinator Reports

Fiscal Year 2005-2006

Dr Akram Tamimi and Robert Freitas, Project Director, met in Jordan from August 17 - 28, 2006, to visit a number of Jordanian partners to meet and discuss activities that are in progress and what to include in the new Scope of Work. They met with people from BRDC, USAID, WAJ, WERSC, and JUST. They also met with the people at the Madaba Wastewater Treatment Plant to check on the weather station that was set up there. (pdf format)

Dr. Tamimi stopped in Jordan on his way to Tucson, Arizona JULY 23-25,2006, to meet with Engr. Mohammad Shahbaz and Dr. Saad Al-Ayyash to discuss draft zero of Fiscal Year 2006-2007 Scope of Work. (pdf format)

Meeting with people from the BRDC, JUST, WERSC, and USAID was the objective of Dr. Tamimi on his visit of July 9-14, 2006. He wanted to discuss the different activities of the Drylands Project and to provide a summary of the progress of the existing activities. He also discussed with these partners proposed activities for the upcoming fiscal year. (pdf format)

Dr. Tamimi went to Jordan from May 21-25, 2006 to visit with people from BRDC to discuss different activities, to JUST to discuss the proposed Distance Learning Course, and with WERSC to discuss the anaerobic wastewater treatment proposal. (pdf format)

Dr. Tamimi traveled to Amman, Jordan to meet with BRDC personnel and then to Cairo, Egypt with Dr. Saad Al-Ayyash to coordinate and organize the workshop on anaerobic sewage treatment to be held in Cairo from March 13-15, 2006. (pdf format)

In cooperation with USAID-Amman, the Drylands Project has been directing and supporting sludge/biosolids activities conducted by RSS/ERS. As a result, a workshop and seminar was held to develop standards for Biosolids Risk Assessment. Dr. Tamimi was in Jordan from December 12-20, 2005 to assist in this project. A report was developed by Dr. Tamimi about this activity. (pdf format)

Dr Tamimi went to Jordan from November 6-15, 2005 to meet with Mr. Ross Hagen, the new deputy director, that is assigned to the Drylands Project. He and Dr. Saad Al-Ayyash met for five hours to answer questions and bring Mr. Hagen up-to-date on the project. He then met with the Jordanian partners to get the new Scope of Work approved. (pdf format)

Fiscal Year 2004-2005

Dr. Tamimi and Ph.D candidate Susan O' Shaughnessy traveled to Jordan from May 20-June 3, 2005 to establish initial salmonella readings, perform at least one helminth assay, and many other tasks. Dr. Tamimi then went to Aqaba to present reports. After that he went to visit people at BRDC and USAID to discuss status of project activities. (pdf format)

Dr. Tamimi visited USAID-Amman during the period April 6-13, 2005 to discuss the Rusafeh project, present a CD with the reports for the previous fiscal year, and to discuss other pertinent activities relating to the Drylands Project He also visited NCARTT, RSS, and JUST. (pdf format)

Dr Tamimi went to Jordan from January 8-17, 2005 and then again from January 31 through February 3, 2005 to meet with Jordanian partners concerning the project. Mr Robert Freitas, project director, was also in Jordan for the first visit where they reviewed the Scope of Work and brainstormed for next year's activities.They met with other agencies to discuss current and future activities.

The second trip was necessitated because a meeting about the Wadi Mousa project had to be rescheduled. (pdf format)

The following objectives were planned by Dr. Tamimi for his trip to Jordan from November 1-10, 2004. He went to ASEZA concerning the Water Conserving Garden's plans, designs, and reports, and to obtain information concerning the irrigation system. He also visited with people from RSS/ERC, USAID, and Wadi Mousa. (pdf format)

Fiscal Year 2003-2004

The activities planned by Dr. Tamimi for his trip to Jordan from July 9-16, 2004 were to facilitate and represent the project at the workshop lead by Dr. Ramzi Touchan, and to travel to Irbid, Jordan to train Dr. Ziad Al-Ghazawi in the use of the TEEAL library. Dr Tamimi also discussed with the staff at RSS/ERC the biosolids proposal and program. (pdf format)

Dr. Tamimi traveled to Jordan May 30-June 18, 2004, to participate in the Water Demand Management conference where he present a paper. He also assisted BRDC in coordinating a workshop. He then joined Robert Freitas, Project Director, and visited Jordanian partners to discuss year 2 Scope of Work. (pdf format)

Dr Tamimi went to Jordan to negotiate holding the June workshop at the National Center for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer (NCARTT), to follow up in Terms of Reference for the Wadi Mousa Visitor's Center, and meet with people in Irbid involved in monitoring the recycled effluent at various WWTP's in Jordan. (pdf format)

Dr. Akram Tamimi's visit to Jordan from January 22-30, 2004 was arranged to meet with the architect for the Wadi Mousa Visitor's Center and to meet with other institutions to discuss the center. He also met with Dr. Shatnawi to for submission of a proposal to RADAC. He met with Manar Fayyad of WERSC as well as other people from Jordanian institutons that are involved with the project. (pdf format)

During Dr. Tamimi's visit to Jordan from December 15-19, 2003he discussed the Visitor's Center at Wadi Mousa, completed project reports with Engr. Mohammad Shahbaz and Dr. Saad Al-Ayyash, and visited other institutions to check on activities and see how they were progressing. (pdf format)