Santa Rita Experimental Range
Scenario Instructions

           To begin, please read this entire page, as it will provide the necessary background information to understand and successfully navigate this website.  If you have already read this page and understand the intended navigation,  you may go directly to the online module or browse the additional information provided on the pages linked at the bottom of this page.

Scenario Intent:

           This exercise is intended to provide a virtual scenario which requires students to use critical thinking to make natural resource related decisions.  There are no right or wrong answers, but the student must be able to support his/her decisions with written and verbal arguments.  In fact, the actual outcome is not as important as being able to logically defend the students' provided values and ratings given within the module.  Since different people have different values and thought processes, the module output will differ between students.

Background Pages:

        At the bottom of this page, you will find a series of links.  The "Panorama" link provides visual information of the current state of the Santa Rita Experimental Range.  This is important since most students will not have the opportunity to see the area in question considering two of the module categories require visual quality ratings.  To view the 360 degree panoramas, you must install Live Picture Viewer (download available on "Panorama" page).  If there are problems installing Live Picture Viewer, or if installation is prohibited on the machine being used, the flat jpg images are also provided.  This page will also contain selected images from throughout the SRER.

            The "Explanation" link provides a description of how the module was created.  This will include an explanation of how the Single Use portion of the module was designed, what calculations were made, how the professional ratings were acquired, and how the multiple use evaluation was completed.  It is important to understand how the module works in order to analyze the accuracy of module outputs and to identify any assumptions that may need addressed.  The student may find and use weaknesses/strengths in module design to help support their decisions.  Remember, there are no set rules or limitations to the student's analysis;  just think.

           The "Additional Resources" link will be continually changing as the SRER project progresses.  This page will contain links to various on-line resources that might provide useful background information to assist in making the value and rating decisions in the module.  In addition, students may be directed to certain links to enhance class discussions or assignments.  Regardless, these links should be browsed as a starting point for gathering information before further internet and/or library searches are attempted.

            At the bottom of each of the above pages,  there are links to the other pages within the site.  This will allow free navigation between the pages contained within this website.

The Module:

            Below are instructions on how to work the module.

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