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Recent News:

* Raina Maier receives UA at the Leading Edge Research Award (read more...)

* Linnea Herbertson (read more...) and David Hogan (read more...) receive NSF fellowships.

* Ariel Friel wins regional ASM poster award (read more...)

* Juliana Gil-Loaiza wins 2nd place oral presentation at Earth Week 2013 SWESx Student Showcase
(read more...)
(From left to right) Marian Ortiz, Karen Josephson, Linnea Herbertson,
David Hogan, Raina Maier, Julie Neilson and Juliana Gil-Loaiza.

The Environmental Microbiology Group is directed by Dr. Raina M. Maier. Her research and teaching program focuses on understanding the role of microorganisms in the environment and exploring the application of microorganisms and their products to benefit human health, the environment, and industry. The research is focused in three major areas:

   I. Phytostabilization of Mine Tailings in Arid and Semi-Arid Environments (read more...)

Microbial Communities and Activities in Oligotrophic Environments (Caves and Deserts)

Microbial Surfactants (Biosurfactants) (
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Previous Group Photos:  
  (From left to right) Rocio Estrella, Raina Maier, Juliana Gil-Loaiza, Marian Ortiz, Lin Zhang, David Hogan, Julie Neilson, Alexis Valentin,Karis Nelson.  
  (From left to right) Julie Neilson, Travis Borillo-Hutter, Aseneth Herrera, Fei Tian, Andrea Byrne, Fernando Solis, Lin Zhang, Antje Legatzki, Jacinto Rivera, Doumit Camilios, Alexis Valentin, Marian Ortiz, Rocio Estrella and Hanh Chu.  
  (From left to right) David Hogan, Monica Ramirez, Karis Nelson, Marian Ortiz, Dragos Zaharescu, Aseneth Herrera, Raina Maier, Juliana Gil, Antje Legatzki, Julie Neilson