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Cottage at Yuma Date Orchard, March 23, 1910.

Buildings and Improvements 1955-1958

The state legislature appropriated funds in 1955, 1956, 1957 and 1958 for physical improvements on both The Yuma Valley and The Yuma Mesa Farm. These new buildings and facilities include:

  • An office-laboratory building completed in May 1956, containing seven offices, an entomology laboratory, a plant pathology laboratory and horticulture laboratory on The Yuma Valley Farm.
  • A Superintendent's residence on The Yuma Valley Farm.
  • A machine shop and storage building at The Yuma Valley Farm, and another on The Yuma Mesa Farm.
  • An office laboratory addition, completed in May 1958 at The Yuma Valley Farm containing six offices, a soils laboratory, plant laboratory, three storage rooms and a research library.
  • From 1955 through 1958, the remaining earth ditch irrigation system, totaling more than four miles, was converted to concrete-lined ditches.

    In the fall of 1958, construction was begun of an office-laboratory building on The Yuma Mesa Farm to be used by the departments of horticulture, Plant Pathology and Animal Science was under construction.

  • The Yuma Valley Farm was completely surrounded with 5 strand barbed wire fencing, and the The Yuma Mesa Farm was completely fenced with 5 feet. "V" mesh fencing. On both of the farms, all of the land was leveled to dead level with 300 feet. irrigation runs. Roads make it possible to drive on three sides of every field on both farms.
  • A Foreman's residence existed on both The Yuma Valley and The Yuma Mesa Farms. These structures were improved.
  • An Animal Science Research Facility on The Yuma Valley Farm, which includes an enclosed galvanized building, two 1,000 bushel grain storage tanks, two 500 lb. mixers, several augers, a miller mill, a crimper, a 14 foot harvest storage tank, 20 beef animal pens with shed, beef animal working area.
  • Two greenhouses at The Yuma Valley Farm and three greenhouses and a screen house on TheYuma Mesa Farm.

    With these buildings, improvements of facilities, and additional staff, the research program of the Yuma Agricultural Center complex became quite diversified.


    The office-laboratory housed additional staff including the USDA Soil and Water Lab. Henry Schreiber, Ph D. was in charge with a Laboratory Technician, Stanley Mitchell and aides - Loel Cooper and Mark Lowery. Ruth Cypert was secretary for this staff.

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