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Early history of facilities and improvements
Buildings. The main headquarters of the Yuma Agricultural Center is located at the Yuma Valley Farm. The buildings consists of two office laboratory buildings having a total of 5,100 square feet. In addition, the farm has a shop-storage building 24 feet wide by 160 feet long, a department storage building 24 feet wide by 144 feet long, two greenhouses, a lathe house, a Foreman's residence, and a Superintendent's residence.
The Yuma Mesa Farm has an office-laboratory building with 1,100 square feet, a storage building with 800 square feet, 3 green houses, a screen house, a lathe house, a shop-storage building 24 feet wide by 96 feet long, a fruit storage building and a Foreman residence.
Livestock Pens and Facilities. The Yuma Valley Farm has an Animal Science Research Facility which included and enclosed a galvanized building of 1800 square feet, two 1000 bushel grain storage tanks, two 500 lb. mixers, several augers, a miller mill, a crimper, a 14 foot harvest storage tank, 20 beef animal pens with shade, a beef animal working area, and sheep pens and working area , This facility was not used after 1987 and was dismantled in 1994.
Improvements. The Gila Project Farm was leveled with a 0.2 feet. per 100 feet. slope and has cement lined open ditches throughout. This farm has 600 ft irrigation runs.
The Yuma Mesa Citrus Farm is completely fenced with a 5 feet. "V" mesh fencing. The irrigation system is complete with the delivery system being either concrete pipe or open cement-lined ditches. All of this farm is dead leveled with 300 feet. irrigation runs. Roads make it possible to drive on three sides of every field.
The Yuma Valley Farm is completely fenced with strand barbed wire fence, it has 2 miles of cement -lined irrigation ditches that supply water to the eight fields. All of the land is dead leveled with 300 feet. irrigation runs east to west. If longer runs are desired, water can be run north to south up to mile. Water is available as needed from the Yuma County Water Users Association Irrigation District.  Roads make it possible to drive on three sides of every field.
The Sturges Farm was in alfalfa for soil improvement after it was acquired in 1959. It was plowed out of alfalfa between 1963-64.  In early 1965, this land was worked into the Yuma Valley Farm rotation system.
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