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Early land use introduction 1945-1956

Yuma Mesa Citrus Farm

From 1945-1956, The Yuma Mesa Farm Station was used primarily for citrus research and animal research programs, additionally agronomic research crops, such as alfalfa were part of ongoing research studies. Most of the work was being directed under supervision of the following researchers:  C.W. Van Horn, Mark McKinney, Les Rosenblatt, and Roy Nelson.

Gila Project Farm

From 1945 to 1956, The Gila Project Farm (currently the Yuma Agricultural Center) consisted of 160 acres of which only 80 acres were not farmable.  The research station had citrus, animal, and agronomic research programs. Most of the research was conducted by C.W. Van Horn, Bill Wootten, C.O. Stansberry, Les Rossenblatt , Roy Nelson, and Frank Pritchard as the Farm Superintendent.
Yuma Valley Farm - Avenue B
From 1945-1954,  the 5 acres of dates were leased to Chester Munson of Tucson.There was also a planting of pecan trees on which some research work was conducted by C.W. Van Horn. The remainder of the acreage was not very uniform and was used in lettuce seed research and limited agronomic crops research.
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