Tilapia Aquaculture in Mexico World Aquaculture Society Report by Kevin Fitzsimmons

www.tilapiamexicana.com Link to website for Mexican Tilapia farmers

PowerPoint files from Tilapia worshop in Hermosillo

+ Tilapia farm in Abasolo, Mexico.
+ Bagging juvenile tilapia for shipment to farms.
+ Tilapia cages in Tamaulipas, Mexico
+ Fried tilapia in Chiapas, Mexico
+ Tilapia cages in reservoir in Tamaulipas, Mexico
+ Tilapia/shrimp farm in Puerto Penasco, Mexico
+ Tilapia pond
+ Multiple raceways for tilapia in Tamaulipas, Mexico
+ Sign at hatchery in Sinaloa, Mexico
+ Tanks
+ Photos from ISTA 7 in Veracruz
+ Photos from Tabasco fish farms 2007
+ Photos from visit to Villahermosa and Veracruz 2006
+ Link to El Colibri tilapia farm in Veracruz
+ Link to "Sistema-Producto Tilapia de Colima" tilapia farm in Colima
Real time drought monitoring in Mexico
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Last update: April 27, 2008
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