International Farm and Research Photos

+ Honduras
+ Jamaica
+ Mexico
+ Brazil
+ Ecuador
+ Peru
+ China
+ Indonesia
+ Jordan and Lebanon
+ Malaysia 2005
+ Malaysia 2001
+ Myanmar
+ Philipines
+ Thailand
+ Vietnam,
+ Eritrea
+ Kenya


+ Aerial photo of fish farm in the Hyder Valley, AZ
+ Catfish cages in a reservoir on the Ak-Chin Reservation, AZ
+ Cotton irrigated from ditch stocked with tilapia in Marana, AZ
+ Tilapia being fed in irrigation ditches in Marana, AZ
+ Tilapia and catfish grown in tanks with effluent going to cotton, Safford, AZ
+ Dividers in ditch for catfish and tilapia, Marana, AZ
+ A hydroponic/fish display at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
+ A second hydroponic/fish display at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
+ A fish-lettuce hydroponic system
+ Fite's fish farm, Alpine, AZ
+ Johns/Lentz fish farm, Hyder, AZ
+ Brown's fish farm, Safford, AZ
+ Fish operation integrated with the Gila River Indian Farm, AZ
+ Aerial of Gila River Indian Reservation Farm
+ Canyon Creek Fish Hatchery
+ Fee fishing farms in Arizona
+ Shrimp farms in Arizona
+ Tilapia farms in the Philippines
+ Tilapia farms in Mexico
+ Tilapia-shrimp farm in Eritrea

Fish images

+ Tilapia and Catfish in aquarium
+ Tilapia (O. aureus and Red Hybrid)
+ Drawing of several tilapias
+ Small drawing of tilapia
+ Drawing of blue catfish
+ Drawing of largemouth bass
+ Photo of smoked fillet of Tilapia
+ Tilapia female with eggs being stripped from mouth. (Small file)

Feeders, filters and other images

+ Photo of raceways fed with demand feeders
+ Timed feeder over raceway
+ Rotating biological contactorBiofilter converting ammonia to nitrate.
+ Rotating microscreen filterMicroscreen filter cremoving particulates at trout farm.
+ Bead filtersOpen style on left and closed style filters on right.
+ Fishhauler
+ MacDonald jars being used to hatch hybrid striped bass eggs

Other images

+Page of trout images
+ Cage culture (net pens) of Tilapia in Egypt
+ Catfish processing plant in Mississippi
+ Harvesting goldfish at a farm in Arkansas
+ Rainbow trout, O. mykiss
+Tilapia projects with University of Arizona involvement
+Esteemed scientists at Rangen Lab in Idaho
+ Computerized data collection with trout
+ Data logger
+ Length and weight input
+ Injecting pit tags in trout
+ Pit tags in trout
+ Pit tags in disinfectant
+ Off-line settling basin at trout farm
+ Alligators at Fish Breeders farm in Idaho
+ Gators at Ray's fish farm 2
+ Redclaw, right way to hold one
+ Redclaw, close-up
+ Redclaw, raceway full in Jamaica
+ Redclaw, raceway (with finger)
+ Concentrating PL's at hatchery in Jamaica
+ Algae culture at hatchery in Jamaica
+ Mora National Fish Hatchery, Mora, New Mexico

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