TILAPIA with Lemon Marinade

  • Coat the tilapia filets in a lemon based marinade like Lowry's or "Ken's Lemon and Pepper" then lightly flour the filets, dipping them in flour that has a touch of salt and pepper. In a frying pan (I like to use cast iron because that gives it a nice texture while baking/frying) coat the bottom with about a Tablespoon and a half of olive oil. Place about five coated filets in the pan, then take about a half a stick of pure butter and divide it up into little pieces all over the top of the fish. Let it get a bit crispy on top, watch closely to be sure it doesn't burn.

    Bake for about twenty minutes at 400 degrees, then turn it and put a little butter on the tops and broil for about five minutes on the top shelf of the oven. That's it! REALLY GOOD stuff! People who hate fish love this dish...guaranteed satisfaction even with the kids. Enjoy!

  • Submitted by - Karen

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