Multi-cultural New York City TILAPIA

This was invented on a shoe string budget of students living in Harlem...
Submitted by Melissa Slaker

Malawi+Japan+America = multicultural NYC tilapia

1) small white onion
2) 2/3 stick of butter
3) 12 clovers of garlic (nice fat ones)
4) table spoon of ground black pepper
5) two russel (russet?) potatos
6) 1 yam
7) table spoon of honey
8) 4 table spoons of water
9) three whole tilapia fish bodies (scales removed)

* boil cut potatos and yam in pot
* cut garlic, add butter stick plus black pepper , mix together in bowl
* put tilapia in pan with a little water and then the butter mix
* pile potatos and yam on top of fish to lock in flavor
* dribble honey and diced onions on top of mixture
* make sure butter gets underneath the fish bodies
* wait until flakey and then serve with some green tea (so don't feel oily)

Enjoy! Oishi! Nkuli!

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