Links to Farms, Photos, and Reports

Tilapia Aquaculture in the Americas Review of Tilapia production published by World Aquaculture Society
Red Tilapia Aquaculture (In Spanish) Review of Red Tilapia by Luis Fernando Castillo, Feb. 2011.

Link to Sixth International Symposium on Tilapia in Aquaculture Sept 12-16. 2004

Blue Ridge Tilapia Tilapia farm in Virginia
Desert Springs Tilapia Integrated aquaculture-agriculture in Hyder, Arizona.
Video from France that discusses tilapia in the US with video of Hyder farm
E&T Farms Tilapia and hydroponic vegetables and herbs on Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Fingerlakes Aquaculture Tilapia farm near Ithaca, New York.
Laughing Duck Farm Tilapia farm in Westport New York

Regal Springs - Tilapia importer, hatchery and marketing in Florida.
MinAqua - Tilapia farm in Minnesota
New York City - Tilapia farms in the Bronx

S&S Farms - An aquaculture/hydroponics operation in Missouri.
Simaron Fish Farm - A tilapia farm in Texas.
• Ocean Rich, Tilapia hatchery and farm in Thermal, California, ph (760) 397-7302, fax (760) 397-6101
Pacific AquaFarm Farm in Niland, California
F&B Fisheries Farm in Desert Center, California
Other California Farms SeaGreen, Ocean Rich and S.S. Vong and 2002 Seafood Show
Waterfield Farms - Bioshelters Hadley, Massachusetts
Wisconsin plans for ethanol/tilapia farm. - Des Moines Register website
Wisconsin plans for ethanol/tilapia farm. Local website version

Canada, Central America and Caribbean
AquaCorporacion Internacional, S.A. de Costa Rica - "RainForest" Tilapia farm in Costa Rica.
Honduras - Tilapia farms in Honduras
Honduras - Aquafish CRSP projects
Honduras - Mountain Stream Tilapia
Jamaica Report
Jamaica Photos
MD AquaFarm Alberta, Canada
Mexico Farms, links and - A review chapter published by the World Aquaculture Society

Nicaragua - Power Point File
Nicaragua - Golden Lake Farm
Red Fish Ranch - Vancouver, B.C., Canada

South America

Brazil - Tilapia farms in Brazil.
Colombia - SAGRO - Tilapia producer in Colombia.
Colombia Acuicultur@Idia Website on Colombian Aquaculture
Colombian Tilapia History of tilapia in Colombia (In Spanish)
Ecuador - Photos of tilapia and tilapia/shrimp farms near Guayaquil

Ecuador - Tropical Tilapia Marketing tilapia from Ecuador
Ecuador - Rio Mar Red Tilapia
Guyana photos
Peru - farms - Tilapia farms in Peru.
Venezuela - AquaSol - Aquaculture farm in Venezuela.


Bangladesh - Farms, hatcheries, and research centers between Dhaka and Mymensingh
China - Farms and processing plants in Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian and Hainan

China - Taiwan Tilapia Alliance
Indonesia - Photos and reports
Israel - APT - Aquaculture consultanting firm in Israel.
Jordan and Lebanon
Malaysia - Lake Kenyir 2007
Malaysia - Photos-2005
Malaysia - Photos and reports - 2001
Myanmar (Formerly Burma) - farms and research
Philippines - farms and research - Hatcheries, cage farms and ponds in the Philippines.

Philippines - FYD International Tilapia hatchery, farm and marketing
Taiwan Tilapia Story
Thailand - Tilapia farms in Thailand.


Benin Songhai Center
• Egypt U of Arizona student summer project, UA co-sponsors ISTA8 aquaculture conference , and 1994 Trip report for NARP
Eritrea - Photos from the Seawater Farms operation near Massawa
Ghana - Crystal Lake Tilapia farm
Kenya - Photos of farms and research centers
Zimbabwe - Lake Harvest


• Belgium - VitaFish - Farm in recirculating system. Changing ownership.
United Kingdom


Aquamericas - Marketing program for multiple Latin American farms
Western Edge Seafood Tilapia page

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