Links to Research

Aquacultural Engineering Society
Professional Society with information regarding engineering of recireculating systems.

AquaNic is the Web Page maintained by Purdue University and is one of the best sources of aquaculture information with numerous links to other sources regarding Tilapia.

Arizona Aquaculture
Arizona is one of the leading producers of tilapia and the University of Arizona has worked closely with the industry for many years.

Asian Institute of Technology
AIT is one of the major centers of aquaculture R&D in Southeast Asia, based near Bangkok, Thailand.

Auburn University
Home page for Auburn's Aquaculture Program, links to many of their publications. Another of the leading tilapia research sites.

Tilapia farming expert system. Free downloadable software.

Kafuku Project Sustainable integrated farm research project in Zambia

Moi University
Tilapia and other aquaculture in Kenya

Aquaculture CRSP
The Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program is an international effort supporting the use of tilapia and other aquatic species in sustainable aquaculture.

Stellenbosh and Aquastel
Tilapia R&D in South Africa

Stirling University, Scotland
Stirling is one of the best aquaculture programs in Europe, with expertise in cold water and warm water aquaculture.

Tilapia (Cichlid) Genome Consortium
International effort, based at University of New Hampshire, to describe the tilapia genome.

Tilapia Genome Data
Tilapia gene maps and other genetic information.

Tilapia-Shrimp Polyculture Research
Polyculture of tilapia and shrimp

Wageningen University in the Netherlands
Wageningen is a center of warm water aquaculture research in Europe. Many of their staff and graduates work in developing countries.

WorldFish Center and the Genetic Improvement of Farmed Tilapia Program

Tilapia-Shrimp Polyculture Research
Polyculture of tilapia and shrimp

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