Nutritional Characteristics of TILAPIA. Please review the latest facts from government and private labs. Get the complete story from unbiased USDA and FDA Labs and the vast majority of nutrition and health experts. In particular compare results from USDA and Food and Drug Administration Labs with headline grabbing reporters misrepresenting conclusions from scientific articles.

Note: USDA uses 100 g (4 oz) fillet which will contain about 141 mg of omega 3 fatty acids before cooking and 225 mg after cooking. Source USDA.
While FDA uses 80 g (3 oz) fillets for determination.

USDA nutrition info for raw tilapia: Enter keyword tilapia, then submit

FDA nutrition info for tilapia compared to other seafood

USDA nutrition info for raw tilapia (in Word format)

USDA nutrition info for cooked tilapia (in Word format)

Health facts about tilapia oils and other nutrients

Healthy Living Tilapia's worse than bacon? Oh, please. - Dr. David Katz (M.D.)

Tropical Fish Farm Farmed tilapia facts.

Mercury tests by the FDA Tilapia had the lowest levels of any fish tested. Tilapia were reported to be one of the safest for consumption.

Testimonial from a consumer of tilapia

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