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  • Americulture Hatchery and production
  • AquaSafra Tilapia Hatchery Florida Tilapia Hatchery
  • Rainforest Farms Hatchery and production
  • Regal SpringsHatchery and production
  • Til-Tech Tilapia Hatchery Genetically Male Tilapia Hatchery
  • Dutchboy Farms, John Lambregts, 34 Colgate Cir., Pocatello, ID 83201,, 208-552-9675


  • Cargill Animal Nutrition
  • Tilapia feed ingredients
  • Hi Pro Feeds Feeds from Jamaica Aquaculture
  • maltaCleyton AquaFeeds Mexican producer
  • Purina AquaFeeds
  • Rangen Fish Feeds
  • Silver Cup
  • Tilapia feed mills in the Philippines
  • Fish Health and Fish Health Products

  • Western Chemical Inc. An Aquatic Life Sciences Company
  • Syndel Laboratories Ltd. An Aquatic Life Sciences Company
  • Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health Aquatic species health products
  • Fish Health Basics
  • Equipment

  • Pentair - Aquatic Ecosystems Selection of virtually all equipment and supplies needed for Aquaculture

  • 2395 Apopka Blvd., Apopka, FL 32703
    Tel: 407-886-3939
    Fax: 407-886-6787
  • Aquatic Habitats Aquatic Habitats® (AHAB) is the world's largest manufacturer of housing systems for aquatic research animals.
  • Aquaculture Systems Technologies
  • Beadfilters and other products for intensive aquaculture.
  • Edenbrook Environmental Solutions
  • Division of United-Tech Indiana, provides aeration equipment, bioaugmentation products and consultation.
  • Keeton Industries
  • Equipment supplier
  • Howard M. Johnson
  • Seafood Marketing Consultant
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